Welcome, Coach Dustin Harris!

Dustin is a Registered Dietitian and the new leader of our FoodRx nutrition coaching program. Dustin’s coaching centers around real food (and plenty of it!) and strong human connection for accountability and support. Coach Dustin will take away the guesswork and excuses, and give you a plan tailored to your particular goals (performance, aesthetic, health).

FoodRx is a standalone program at Syracuse Sweat Club and nutrition coaching is open to all – no additional memberships required.

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1:1 FoodRx Coaching Tiers

Tier 1 - Basic



Monthly 30 min meeting

InBody scan results interpretation

Educational resources

Tier 2 - Advanced



Bi-weekly 30 min meetings

InBody scan results interpretation

Educational resources

Tier 3 - Athlete



Macro coaching (weekly check in)

Nutrient timing coaching

Access to coach 24/7

Bi-weekly 30 min meetings

InBody scan results interpretation

Educational Resources

The InBody 270

The InBody is a medical grade machine that will allow you to truly understand your body. The InBody provides precise and meaningful statistics measuring whole body and segmental body composition. Delivers standard measurements like Percent Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle Mass, BMR, and more.

This tool will give you the power to properly lose weight, gain strength, and identify and track imbalances, injuries, and risks for injury. When you use the machine, you establish a profile and each scan results sheet will plot current and historical data so you (and your coach) can observe trends over time. Recommended for CrossFit Syracuse members, Sweat Club personal training clients, and anyone in the community who is serious about making real progress with fitness or weight loss (membership not required).

1x Scan – $20 (pay at front desk on scan day)

3-Scan Punch card – $50 (Click here to purchase)

10-Scan Punch card – $125 (Click here to purchase)

Email Coach Dustin Harris with your availability –

  • No food, drink, or workout prior to the scan (if you have a cup of coffee/water every morning, you can still have it).
  • Perform scan consistently at the same time of day each scan, preferably morning.
  • You are advised to reschedule to a later date if you’re currently experiencing: menstrual cycle, extreme fatigue, and/or lack of sleep – these factors will impact your results.
  • Do not scan while pregnant or if you have a pacemaker or other electrical device.